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Sorry, THIS is broody Myfanwy [Nov. 2nd, 2007|05:14 pm]
YAY DINO LOVE!- The Best Myfanwy Community Ever!


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Three more fanfic100 pieces I did, might help to read the first two before these but isn't necessary.

Title: It's all in the Name
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: Myfanwy (Pterodactyl), Gwen, Ianto, Jack
Prompt: 027. Parents
Word Count: 983
Rating: G
Summary: Myfanwy gains a new mum after Suzie dies
Author's Notes: Spoilers for 'Everything Changes' and possibly general series.
Disclaimer: Don't own Torchwood, the pterodactyl or the name.

When Gwen walked into the Hub on her second day of working for Torchwood it was to find a scene of total devastation. Desks were overturned, paper was all over the floor and the rest of the team appeared to be hiding under whatever furniture they could fit under.
“What’s going on?” It was a perfectly reasonable question.
“The pterodactyl’s just discovered that its mum’s dead.”
“Its mum?”
“Suzie. She tamed it right from the start, fed it and everything. Don’t think it’s too happy she’s gone.”
“Oh for gods sake, it’s a she, not an it.”
“How do you know that?” Ianto sounded surprised.
“It’s obvious. In fact…” Gwen quickly navigated the computer nearest to her. “Here we go. Pterodactyl, female, responds to Myfanwy.”
“It has a name?”
“Of course SHE has a name. No wonder she’s attacking you if you treat her like an it.” She looked around. “What happened?”
“I let HER out for breakfast, but she went berserk, flying round smashing things to try and find Suzie. She won’t accept food or anything from any of us.”
“Where is she?”
“Over there I think. I’m not going to look.”
Gwen sighed and headed over to the far corner that Ianto had indicated. Scooping up some of the food left on a nearby table she moved cautiously forward.
“Myfanwy? Myfanwy, I’ve got breakfast. Come on, it’s alright. Come on Myfanwy.”
Her tone was that of a trainer talking to a frightened animal, her movements smooth and obvious. She laid the food on the floor in front of the gap she thought the creature was hiding in. How she’d got into the space next to the body cabinet Gwen didn’t know, but it was a good hiding place. Leaving the food where it was she retreated, all the while calling softly.
It was a few minutes later when Gwen saw the first sign that she wasn’t talking to herself. A quick appearance of a scaly head from the corner that retreated just as fast. She kept up the soothing noises until the pterodactyl emerged completely, heading towards the food. Obviously hunger was greater than the lack of Suzie.
When the creature was more interested in the food Gwen cautiously moved closer. “Myfanwy, it’s alright, I’m not going to hurt you.” She got a wary look but the creature didn’t move away. Obviously a female who knew her name was an improvement on a male who didn’t know her gender.
Edging even closer Gwen cautiously put out her hand. Myfanwy obligingly nudged it, putting her head underneath in a clear demand for a stroke. Gwen grinned. Looked like her time working in the pet rescue centre near her university had its uses. She’d never thought it would be needed for something like THIS, however.
Gradually standing up she guided her new charge up the steps to her cage near Suzie’s old desk. The main nest was up in the roof but the smaller one would do for the moment, although from the way Myfanwy was acting it would have to be moved closer to Gwen’s desk at a later date. Leaving the rest of the food on the floor of the cage and gently closing the door she turned round to find the rest of the team staring at her.
“It’s a PTERODACTYL, and you just calmly walk up and tame it.”
“Just goes to show what knowing someone’s name can do.”

When Jack arrived back at the Hub after dealing with the final clear up of the Carys case it was to find his newest team member softly murmuring to the pterodactyl, whose cage had somehow been moved to next to her desk, and the rest of the Hub in a mess. Paper was scattered all over and some of the computer equipment was on its side.
Ianto was clearing up in the medical area. Heading over Jack cut straight to the point. “What happened?”
“Myfanwy got a new mum.”
“Excuse me?”
“The pterodactyl discovered that Suzie was dead, went a bit wild. Gwen managed to calm her back down and seems to have been adopted as step mum.”
“Why, exactly, was the newest member of the team the one to tame it?”
“Because the others were hiding under tables in fear.” Came Gwen’s voice from behind Jack. He raised an eyebrow at Ianto. “Something you neglected to mention?”
“It’s a pterodactyl sir. You can hardly expect us to calmly pet it.”
“And yet our newest recruit is quite happy doing just that.”
“It’s hardly my fault you pick the insane ones.”
“No offence meant.”
“And use HER not IT. More personal.”
Ianto rolled his eyes as if to say ‘I rest my case.’
“I’m quite happy to look after her, Jack. She’s cute.” He looked at her as if she was crazy but nodded.
“Fine, you get the pterodactyl bonus. You have to be in early to feed her and have to put her to bed at night. Ianto can let her out in a morning before she’s fed.”
“I get a bonus for that?”
“You complaining?”
Gwen backed away with her hands up. “No, I’m fine with it. Unexpected, that’s all.”
“Whose idea was the name?”
“Suzie’s,” was the succinct reply. Upon receiving a questioning glance from Jack, Gwen elaborated. “It was on file. Responds to Myfanwy. I can hardly rename her.”
Jack shook his head in disbelief but walked out, leaving Ianto cleaning up and Gwen stood on her own. She turned back to her desk and made sure Myfanwy was ok before settling down to do some research. If she was going to be a pterodactyl’s mum she was going to have to do a lot of research. Not that there was likely to be a lot of information on the care and handling of pterodactyls, but she was sure she would find SOMETHING.

Title: Nesting Season
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: Myfanwy
Prompt: 062. Spring
Word Count: 781
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own Torchwood or anything that someone else invented. 
Summary: Why are the team's clothes going missing?
Author's Notes: I refuse to be blamed for any nightmares that result from the image of Owen without his trousers.

A head appeared around the kitchen door. “What?”
“Where’s my coat? The big one with the pockets?”
Ianto grinned. “That doesn’t narrow it down much Sir but I’d hazard a guess that it’s on its peg in the cloakroom where it always is when you ask for it.”
“I’ve looked and it isn’t there. Which is why I’m asking you.”
Ianto emerged fully from behind the kitchen door. “In that case I don’t know. I’ll keep an eye out.”
Any response Jack could make was drowned out by an indignant shout from Owen.
“IANTO! What the hell has happened to my trousers?!”
He came into view on the stairs to the autopsy room holding his trousers in front of him like a shield, sock clad feet and bare legs showing as the fabric shifted. It was immediately evident that the cause of his yell was the large hole in the crotch, jagged edges laying testimony to the cause of the hole being tearing rather than a team prank with scissors. Ianto stifled a snort of laughter as he took in the bizarre image but could feel Jack loosing a similar battle at his side.
Keeping a carefully straight face he asked blandly “Is there a problem Owen?”
“Yes there bloody well is a problem! My trousers have a bloody great hole in them!”
“Might I inquire as to why you didn’t notice the hole when you put them on this morning? I realise that you probably don’t iron them but surely such a problem would be obvious?”
“I didn’t notice it this morning ‘cos it wasn’t THERE this morning!”
“Well in that case don’t you know what happened to them as you were wearing them when the hole appeared?”
“Well, umm, I wasn’t exactly wearing them at the time…”
Further stuttered excuses for his lack of clothing were cut off as Gwen appeared on the steps behind him holding her t-shirt in one hand. “Owen, do you know what happened to my shirt…?” She trailed off as she noticed the two men stood beyond Owen staring at her pink lacy bra. She defensively crossed her arms in front of her chest.
It was at this point that Tosh walked in from the tourist office. She took one look at her two half naked team-mates and shook her head slightly before turning her attention to Ianto. When you worked at Torchwood half-naked team-mates were a luxury, it was the fully naked ones that were scary.
“Ianto, have you seen my leather jacket? I left it here when I went out to get food but it’s disappeared…”
A screech echoed across the hub and caused everyone to clap their hands to their ears, Gwen quickly changing her mind as she realised that doing so left her even more uncovered. Ianto suddenly groaned.
“Oh God…this was NOT in the job description.”
“What wasn’t?!” Came the simultaneous response from his work mates.
“I think I know where your clothing went.”
He sighed and scrubbed his face with his hands. “Myfanwy’s nesting again.”
“I’m sorry?” Gwen was the one to voice what everyone was thinking.
“It’s spring, therefore the pterodactyl is broody and is trying to build a nest. That’s why our clothing keeps going missing, modern fabric is the softest stuff she can find.”
“You mean she ripped out my crotch just to make a NEST!!!! How the hell am I meant to get home now?”
“Ignoring the fact that you had your trousers off during work hours I should mention the fact that every employee is meant to keep a change of clothes here in case of emergencies? Wear those.”
Owen looked embarrassed. “Yes, well, the thing is…”
“You forgot to replace the ones you wore last time?”
He nodded sheepishly.
“That’s your problem, not mine. Get back to work. And don’t think I don’t realise what you two were doing down there. Next time I expect an invitation.”
Jack smirked as the pair gave him horrified expressions and darted back into the lab. Tosh giggled slightly and moved back over to her desk while Jack turned to his archivist.
“What wasn’t in your job description? Surely it doesn’t make any difference to what you have to do if she’s broody or not?”
“What apart from having to mend Owen’s trousers, get Tosh a new jacket and you a new coat and tidying up the mess she makes tearing it all up? No, it’s not that much different.”
“Then what’s so bad about it?”
Ianto sighed and looked at his boss. “You know how moody women get each month? A pterodactyl is twenty times worse. You try coping with a dinosaurs cravings.”

I apologise if half the text is a different size to the rest or part of it is red, can't get livejournal to behave.